Today’s update reveals our Hero…!

when you give a goat a shirt

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We’re Back!!

After a three-week hiatus, Wild Sea is back to regular friday updates!

join me as i try to figure out new goat friend

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Sorry for such short notice, but there’s going to be a small break in updates. No update this week for personal reasons, and I’m going to be out-of-town and away-from-computers for the next two fridays.

I hate to do this so close to the end of the first chapter, but that’s just how things go I guess! See you in a few weeks!

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WARNING: You should probably read Kim Meets Cottonmouth before looking too hard at these!

Even though Kim Meets Cottonmouth is a radio screenplay, I jumped at the chance to commission my friend Geoff ( hingehead ) to do some sketches and concept art for it anyway. His art is on the top, while mine (which I drew to kind of clarify some shapes/expressions for the characters) are on the bottom. 

I really like how Geoff draws Kim, he totally nailed his body type and general laid-back attitude. I like Cottonmouth’s thin body and dark, kind of tired-looking eyes, too (but then again, that’ll happen in a fight with Cowboy Kim). 

Here are transcriptions of my notes (top to bottom, left to right):

  • Kim: 1) “Eyes big, but more oval! Square jaw.”) 2) “Hat hair.” 3) “Mostly faces, b/c your body for him is already A-OK by me. Maybe just move his hips up/lengthen legs?”
  • Cottonmouth: “Not sure what you’re expecting from me, cowboy.”

This week I worked together with my friend queen-star-dust to help put together some sketches for her latest story :’) please enjoy

Whoops I forgot to link last week’s page AND this week’s page is a day late! Sorry about that but think of it as two-pages in one as a Saturday Special

still drawing in Flash a lot recently

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are you ready for chapter 2

im ready for chapter 2

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today’s update features a perfect landing